The Olympus Legacy

Chapter Eighty-Four: The Doppelganger

Happy Birthday, Olympus Legacy! It turned 3 today!



Hello, everyone! I’m back after an unexpected hiatus. A really long hiatus. I actually forgot I even built this house.

I decided to hate the house we had been staying in, smashed it, and built this really fancy looking one. I call it ‘Mt. Olympus Estate’ in my head. It’ll look much better once we can actually invest in some landscaping, but I like it enough now to play because of all the space and the fact that it indulges my love for symmetry.

It’s pretty empty because, as I said, we’re dirt poor right now. And that’s after purchasing the Inheritance LTR twice.

So, let’s take a tour of the result of all of Festus’ lifetime happiness points!

Hephaestus: “ExCUSE ME?!” (more…)


Chapter Eighty-Three: Your Egg is Goosed

So I was telling my brother about the sims.

“Can you beat people up on this game?”


“Do you get arrested?”

“Nope. You can beat up all the people you want, but if you stay out after curfew, your egg is goosed.”


I meant to say “Your goose is cooked,” but my brain farted all over a Thanksgiving dinner and this happened. Hence the title. He’s not letting me live it down ever.

This chapter (OHMIGOSH, A CHAPTER) had to be cut short because we went through a sort of…transition towards the end. You’ll see what I’m saying, promise. For now, it’s time to get back to the party!

We’ll have to go slowly, though. I have a terrible headache because I also opened the car door against my face today.


Chapter Eighty-Two: Pig and Bee

And we are back with another chapter of the Olympus Legacy. Sorry for my unexplained absence. I had been planning on writing a chapter after the family left, but they brought a nasty virus with them and for the next WEEK I was sick with some kind of half-flu half-bronchitis thing. It was gross and painful and I think my fever actually boiled my brain one time because I remember walking around like a zombie my head was so foggy. (I woke up the next day and found that I had made an orc on Skyrim and MURDERED ALL OF RIVERWOOD)

But! I’m back to just coughing for now, so it’s time for a chapter! (It might be a little messy because I had to sift through 250 SCREENSHOTS for this chapter.)


What even ARE you?!

Chadrick: *Trembles* “…Hedwig’s son…”

Holy crap she should go into the stylist career because I had nothing to do with his outfit and it’s SO COORDINATED.