What are we, man

So I’ve been gone for a ridiculously long time, I know. Read the rest of this page »

Chapter Eighty-Four: The Doppelganger

Happy Birthday, Olympus Legacy! It turned 3 today!



Hello, everyone! I’m back after an unexpected hiatus. A really long hiatus. I actually forgot I even built this house.

I decided to hate the house we had been staying in, smashed it, and built this really fancy looking one. I call it ‘Mt. Olympus Estate’ in my head. It’ll look much better once we can actually invest in some landscaping, but I like it enough now to play because of all the space and the fact that it indulges my love for symmetry.

It’s pretty empty because, as I said, we’re dirt poor right now. And that’s after purchasing the Inheritance LTR twice.

So, let’s take a tour of the result of all of Festus’ lifetime happiness points!

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*Trips Over a Tumbleweed*

OOPS. I’ve been gone for four months.

It started out with my being wrapped up in school so I could score a few awards this year (best average third year in a row!). And then I got really taken up in drawing. Like, all-day-every-day type of thing, and I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot about this.

And then…heh…then I bought Dragon Age. You see, I LOVE good characters. If a character is well-designed and well-written, chances are I will love them to pieces whether they’re evil or not. This game has a LOT of great freaking characters that kind of consumed my soul.

And then I bought Dragon Age II. Played it to bits. (And possibly gained an obsession with Varric Tethras, the crossbow wielding dwarf with the kickass stories).

And now we’ve got Dragon Age: Inquisition coming out this October. And I ended up pre-ordering it instead of the Sims 4, which I had actually planned on buying. (I just really wanna be a Qunari mage, bb)

So basically, it was a bunch of shifts in interests, one right after the other (I’m still drawing like a madwoman, though, and I’m still loving it), and I kind of forgot about sims in the process.

I do like to finish what I start, however. I’m going to complete this freaking legacy if it’s the last thing I do, then we’ll see if I’m willing to move on to other sim-related things.

I’ll still be reading all of your stories, though! That hasn’t changed a bit.

So…yeah! Thanks for reading (and waiting), and as always, happy simming.

EDIT: I just noticed we hit 100,000 views! Wow! I feel really cool and also really guilty! Sorry!